PLAND Residency


Type of opportunity: Residency culminating in a site-specific project

Organization name: PLAND, Taos, New Mexico

Description of opportunity:
PLAND is seeking applications for a two-to-four week off-grid residency in Summer 2012. The selected PLAND/ ISEA2012 resident will produce a site-specific project responding to the power grid (or lack thereof) and will participate in cooperative work parties, collective living practices, and other community activities. The chosen resident will have the option to present the work/project during the ISEA2012 conference (September 19 – 24) or for a finished piece to be considered for the ISEA2012 main exhibition (September 20, 2012 – January 6, 2013).

Project resources:
PLAND will provide a compelling off-grid context, basic shelter, clean water, first-aid kit, a modest stipend and more. PLAND thinks of residency in the broadest of terms so please be aware that studio space is not offered nor is this a time to work in isolation. PLAND residencies are about living differently and intentionally and residing in a place. Although humble, rugged and not without its plentiful share of hardship, there is the opportunity to get in touch with the basics. Water, shelter, fire, weather, food, people, time and space all become the daily luxuries in which artists are invited to indulge.

Description of site/venue:
PLAND is located in Tres Piedras near Taos, New Mexico: This land was initially parceled off and given away as door prizes at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair but the dream of suburban development never took shape. Today the area is home to a smattering of off-the-grid dwellers who bought the land in more recent years at auction. The neighborhood is a refuge for contemporary back-to-the-landers, many of whom live in campers, buses or have built their unique homes by hand. Water is hauled from elsewhere; electricity is self-generated through solar or wind or forfeited altogether. The nearest gas and food are 30 miles away in any direction. Because permits and codes do not apply to this area, and given a regional interest in green building methods, the area is a showcase for earthships, passive solar, traditional adobe and other resourceful construction techniques. PLAND is not open to the public. Please note that any projects produced during the PLAND/ISEA2012 residency may be presented in symposia, exhibitions, publications or other publications, but may not invite a public audience to the land at PLAND.

Description of sponsoring organization:
PLAND, Practice Liberating Art through Necessary Dislocation, is an off-the-grid residency program that supports the development of experimental and research-based projects in the context of the Taos mesa. PLAND finds its inspiration in a legacy of pioneers, entrepreneurs, homesteaders, artists and other counterculturalists who – through both radical and mundane activities – reclaim and reframe a land-based notion of the American Dream. While producing open-ended experimental projects that facilitate collaboration and hyper-local engagement, PLAND is a constantly evolving artists outpost in the New Mexican high desert. Participants are encouraged to marry survival-based goals with big ideas and experimental method through project-based residencies and work parties. For more information, visit