Peer Power is a social media network for making choices about energy consumption collaboratively.

The levels of interaction to be developed include:
1] Interaction between a smart energy computer model (referred to as the ‘building organism’) and human building operators (or ‘super-users’)
2] Peer-to-peer interaction between building operators
3] Interaction between building operators and building occupants (or ‘users’)
4] Peer-to-peer interaction between building occupants
5] Interaction between the general public and building operators and occupants through a public visualization of energy usage and collaboration between users and a public website

Peer Power is a proposal in collaboration with the Center for Emerging Energy Technologies (CEET), the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, the Mechanical Engineering Department, the Computer Science Department and the Art & Art History Department of the University of New Mexico.

PI: Dr. Olga Lavrova
PI: Andrea Polli
Co-PI: Sudharman Jayaweera
Co-PI: Andrea Mammoli