Olfactological Adventure installed!

The Olfactological Adventure is an attempt to codify the emerging interdisciplinary discipline of sniffing and remembering into a multi-gendered and generational praxis. Challenged by the diversity of odor-producing artifacts in the extensive Elsewhere collection, the work slices a nasal window into the formerly barricaded edifice of olfactory research…or it might just be kinda fun to play…

The lovely Raven demonstrates the use the sniff-o-lometer at Elsewhere

Fellow artist-in-residence Bridget Quinn reads the Adventure directions, and yes, of course it is free.

How to properly operate the sniff-o-lometer

Particularly adventuresome smells in the collection have been identified with tags throughout the museum

Raven uncovers one of the scents in the department store

The process by which smells are transformed into memories that are then recorded in the Olfacttological Field Notebook

View from afar