More on Election 2012

More on Election 2012

George Douglas and Andy at the news desk

The Elsewhere Political Party last night was hosted by the socialable and charming performance artists Douglas Kelly and Andy Sturdevant with moderator George Scheer, Executive Director of Elsewhere. Creative Director Stephanie Sherman also came in for the event and it was great to finally get to meet her in 3 dimensions (not on skype).

Special guests at the party included Mars 2012 presidential candidate Blake Mason and Simpsons and Family Guy animator Lucas Grey. This Why Obama Now labor of love animation by Lucas went viral before the election, and in its 4 minute format, was designed specifically for youtube and facebook distribution:

Lucas encouraged us to watch this beautiful Academy Award nominated short animation ‘I Met the Walrus’ by Josh Raskin using the audio of a Toronto hotel room conversation with John Lennon recorded by a 14 year old fan in 1969:

Finally, Bad Lip Read has a pretty funny and surreal read of the first debate: