Jennifer Broutin Seed Pod & more

Well, I should be going around Elsewhere smelling stuff right now (see previous post), but instead I filled out a survey for fellow Eyebeamer Jennifer Broutin’s Seed Pod project. She says:

SeedPod is an interactive farming module that serves as a platform for closing the loop between people and food. The structure will function as a scalable, modular system augmented by technology such as monitoring sensors, robotic components, and energy capture devices to facilitate ease and a deeper understanding of the process through which aeroponic vegetables are grown. A database and monitoring network is set up to determine growing needs and profiles of plant species in order to provide real-time feedback information in assisting with plant care. By bringing farming to urban areas, we will short-circuit the opacity of large-scale agriculture and create a feedback cycle for healthier, sustainable living.

She has created the following video

SeedPod V – 1.0 from Jennifer Broutin on Vimeo.

She’s also created an interesting energy harvesting suit prototype (called PowerSuit. She says:

The PowerSuit is a micro-energy harnessing shirt that functions based on temperature differentials between a persons skin and the outside environment…The idea is to consider small increments of energy as useful towards a specific purpose such as lighting safety LED’s while running at night time on cold days. Fundamentally, this is a shift in how peope consider energy. Rather than constantly striving for tools and devices that are more powerful and less energy efficient, why not consider using small amounts of energy not typically utilized, and put towards more efficient devices such as LED lighting.

Here is a heat sink for the prototype:

and trying it on:

I’ve been sewing this sniff-o-lometer mask, so have been interested in some of the wearable sources, the LilyPad of course (mentioned previously on the blog), and the LilyPond is a place where LilyPad and other wearable projects are presented. Some really great sensors are presented here at How to Get What you Want, and lots of resource links on the left at high-low tech – I like the DIY cell phone prototype.

Another very beautiful project (not by Jennifer), electronic origami

Electronic origami: Input/Output blintz folding from Jie Qi on Vimeo.