Invenstories and empathetic shortcuts


You creep.
You creep into my dreams and show me what could be.

written on a scrap of paper with a manual typewriter and found on a window sill at Elsewhere

Thanks to a great meeting with George, Stephanie, Aislinn, Chris, Rob, Jesse and other Elsewhere staff, I’ve got a project plan, just hope to be able to complete it in the five work days I have left here!

The project is called an ‘olfactological adventure’ and consists of a brain-shaped sign and nose-shaped box that contains a ‘sniff-o-lometer’ mask-like device with a nose-shaped hole through which adventurers place their nose to focus on smells they find in the collection. The project is designed to encourage players to consider multiple senses when experiencing objects.

George confirmed my impression of the importance of narrative in the Elsewhere experience by encouraging me to focus on the way smells can evoke memories (a la Proust’s Rememberances of Things Past, thousands of pages inspired by the sweet orange smell of a cake like cookie called a madeline. I started some of the writing:

Beneath its visually stimulating surface, Elsewhere is a complex smorgasbord of olfactory experience.  This olfactological adventure kit allows you to uncover hidden smells using a custom sniff-o-lometer.  Use your nose, the sniff-o-lometer and the enclosed scentient chart as a guide to locating some of Elsewhere’s  unique scents, or chart your own course by finding smells and describing them yourself in our handy guidebook.  

Warning: Remember that the smells of Elsewhere can unlock memories and transport you to places of dreams and fantasies.  While smelling, you may find that vivid details flood into your mind. Use the pen included in this adventure kit to direct this deluge onto the page for future nasal travellers to read and enjoy.