Utah State University welcomes Particle Falls

Utah State Welcomes Particle Falls

This January, Particle Falls will move from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Logan, Utah at Utah State University. Utah State University faculty members Mark Lee Koven and…


Particle Falls Meets Pittsburgh

This winter, Social Media Workgroup once again brought environmentally inspired art to the public eye. Particle Falls, which was installed in downtown Pittsburgh last month…

It's Raining Again at Taos -- Day

Paseo, Taos, Reflections

Regarding Paseo at Taos, Russell and I were elated to participate and were (are!) excited to experience the breadth of culture happening in our backyard….

Paseo Taos

Rain at Paseo Taos

Russell and I are booked to give a talk to young Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) students on September 26th, as part of…

Balloon Museum Concept Art


All of us are pleased to announce Skylight, a large-scale installation for the Albuquerque Balloon Museum, as part of their Playable ART! Starting October 4,…


Elsewhere creative retreat day 3

The SNAIL trail stuff disposal system guide by Noel Featuring a snail mascot for compost with yellow color scheme Lindsey and Sarah complete the cans….